Current News

The English Council met in Wootten Bedfordshire on October 18th

Opportunities for short term service include special needs school, hospital and dignity in old age care. Interserve are our sending partners for these kinds of working visits and a visa is necessary (£90) as is self funding (or church sponsorship). Its life changing whether you go for one month or six! Vernacular language is Marathi, but many understand English and some girls learn in English meduim schools and value help with reading English books in the library.

There is ongoing concern for the integrity of the perimeter wall and the busy busy road which cuts the campus in two. A new pedestrian crossing is a help (though don't rely on vehicles stopping for pedestrians!)

The latest broadsheet magazine (available on request through the post) features six adult women's stories of how they came to Mukti as children. Interestingly two serve on the Mukti campus now while the other four after professional training are working and living in Pune and other places, two as nurses, one a teacher and one a social worker. What a testimony from utter poverty to fulfilling lives though Mukti's care and compassion.

A revamped children's leaflet - muktikids - is available with or without the magazine. Designed for 5-9year olds its suitable for Sunday schools, Messy church and grandchildren, encouraging them to find out about another culture involving children just their age.